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The mixed blessing of the Internet and of versatile software has been that all of us can play around to some extent with eBook formatting. But does this make each of us a book designer? No. No more than a paint-by-numbers kit makes anyone a Rembrandt. There is a stylistic vision that sets apart the professional book designer from the amateur want to-be.

Here are some things to keep in mind when choosing a eBook design and formatting service: Incfile review

Experience: A credible eBook design and formatting service will have a portfolio of work for you to look through. The key is to remember that age does not equate experience but actually seeing a body of work that shows the formatting service’s ability to present different kinds of ideas with elegance and panache.
Expertise: Ebook design and formatting is not a one-size fits all business. For example, you have the option of going with a 3D ecover for your ebook, the inside formatting can be laid out in portrait or landscape and there can be graphics or text-based headers. The key here is to find a eBook design firm that is comfortable handling all the options. Somebody who has figured out how to handle one layout will tend to steer you towards one choice because they are comfortable with that – a good design firm will have the expertise needed to see your vision come to life.
Enthusiasm: This is the special quality that the best of eBook formatting companies offer. It is what marks the difference between a competent and creative eBook design. The truly exceptional firms will understand the essence of your eBook and offer formatting and design advice that adds value to your ebook.

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